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    Binghamton University’s TLQP project is a three-year, $1.4 million federal flow-through grant designed to strengthen New York’s middle school students’ mathematical understanding by providing a research-based professional development community for teachers. Check out the TLQP Calendar info. CLICK here for calendar.

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    Geometry is Gorgeous! Workshop files for download…

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    This last weekend’s TLQP Workshop, GEOMETRY IS GORGEOUS! with Dr. Thomas Sweeney was a success! Here are some files for review from that workshop. ENJOY! 1-GeomBasicDefs | 2-Polygons | 3-Angles in Polys-PatBlks | 4-SumAnglesPolygon | PAARC-Discussion | Pentagon 2play with | ccss_progression_g_k6_2012_06_27 | ccss_progression_gm_k5_2012_07_21 | circle_folding | HW-AreaFoldCircle | Classifying_Quadrilaterals_1            

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    Geometry is Gorgeous! A Mathsmart Workshop with Dr. Thomas Sweeney

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    Dear MATH SMART Colleagues: You are invited to a TLQP workshop at Binghamton University on ​ November 22, 2014. Dr. Sweeney will introduce us ​​to​ ​this year’s topic, Working with Geometry! ​We will meet at Binghamton University’s Graduate School of Education in Academic B 124 (and 125 for refreshments). We provide morning refreshments, lunch, and free parking if you park in the visitors’ parking lot just behind [...]

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    TLQP is a GO for 2014-2015

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    Dear TLQP Colleagues: We are excited to announce that the Binghamton TLQP project is once again in business. We are pleased that Dr. Thomas Sweeney continues to work with us and direct the Capital Region cohort— and Dr. Rachel Bachman will again join us for a workshop in December and then in June for our [...]

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    Emphasizing the Eight Mathematical Practices: A Focus on Questioning

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    Dear TLQP Colleagues: Please come to the Annual Binghamton University Teacher Leader Quality Partnership Summer Institute on June 30 and July 1 (Monday and Tuesday). Our star professors,​ Dr. Rachel Bachman and Dr. Thomas Sweeney, have a great program lined up for you. THIS YEAR’S THEME The theme this year is ”Emphasizing the Eight Mathematical Practices: A Focus on Questioning.” To foster the Eight Mathematical Practices of students, this two-day institute [...]

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    Don’t forget to save the dates of June 30 and July 1 for our annual Summer Institute. Professors Rachel Bachman and Tom Sweeney are planning a terrific two days, and you don’t want to miss it. We’ll be sending out the official invitation and registration link at the end of the month, so watch your email for [...]

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    TLQP workshop at Binghamton University on May 3, 2014

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    Dear MATH SMART Colleagues: You are invited to a TLQP workshop at Binghamton University on May 3, 2014.  Dr. Sweeney will be doing some interesting new work with Cuisenaire rods in mathematics instruction. It will be a hands-on exploration of several concepts at different levels. Cuisenaire rods are mathematics learning aids for students that provide a concrete way to explore mathematics and learn concepts, [...]

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    Opening Up Instructional Questions MATH SMART TLQP Workshop with Dr. Thomas Sweeney, Downloads

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    Dear MATH SMART Colleagues: You are invited to a TLQP workshop at Binghamton University on April 5, 2014. Dr. Thomas Sweeney will focus on “opening up” our instructional questions to students so as elicit more thoughtful responses. The goal of open questions is to involve students, educe understanding from confusion, and bring clarity and real understanding. In addition, Dr. Sweeney will discuss the latest [...]

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    TLQP WORKSHOP – Dr. Thomas Sweeney: Rich Tasks, downloads

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    Dear MATH SMART Colleagues: You are invited to a TLQP workshop at Binghamton University on February 1, 2014. Dr. Thomas Sweeney will lead us in a look at RICH TASKS. Recently we looked at the Standards for Mathematical Practice. This time we will follow up with a discussion on Rich Tasks. These are tasks that are [...]

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    Introducing Variables and Working Toward Algebra WORKSHOP Dec. 14th

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    Powerpoint presentation from this workshop - tlqp-dec13_explain Dear MATH SMART Colleagues: You are invited to Binghamton University’s just-before-winter-break workshop of the new project year on December 14, 2013. Dr. Rachel Bachman, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at Weber State University and former doctoral student at Binghamton University, will lead this first workshop, “Introducing Variables and Working [...]

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    Workshop materials from MATH SMART for your download

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    Here are several materials that Dr. Sweeney has used in his recent TLQP MATH SMART workshops as well as a Math Practices poster sent to us by Monica Stento, at Binghamton’s West Middle School. Thank you, Monica and Tom! I hope you find these useful. GeoPatterns-Alg Expressions Newspaper Problem Paragraph-Stds_for_mathematical_practice stds_for_math_practice_activity_cards Mathematical Practices Master Poster [...]

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