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Binghamton University TLQP Workshop
Saturday, May 7
Materials from this event are here:  May workshop.
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Binghamton University TLQP Workshop
April 9, 2016

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Binghamton University TLQP Workshop
“Turning ‘I D​on’t Know’ into ‘Yes, I Can’: Supporting Productive Struggle” with Dr. Rachel Bachman and Dr. Tom Sweeney
December 19, 2015
MATH SMART TLQP Workshop with Dr. Thomas Sweeney
Saturday 2 MAY, 2015 “GEOBOARDS”

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Cuisenaire Rods for Different Levels of Instruction
MATH SMART TLQP Workshop with Dr. Thomas Sweeney
Saturday 3 MAY, 2015
DOWNLOADS from this event:

MATH SMART TLQP Workshop with Dr. Thomas Sweeney
Saturday 5 APRIL, 2015

This workshop was a great success! Thank you to all who attended, and thanks to Dr. Thomas Sweeney for an excellent program!
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MATH SMART TLQP Workshop with Dr. Thomas Sweeney
Saturday 1 FEBRUARY, 2015


Rich Problems-TFS Powerpoint presentation

MARs Task 3 page 1n2.TFS



Hands, Loops, Crackers, Salt…
MATH SMART TLQP Workshop with Dr. Rachel Bachman
Saturday, 13 December, 2015
To view this presentation, you can download it here.

Rachel’s links to Word Docs: Illustrations of Common Core Standards (grades 3-8) exercises

Illustrative Tasks

Illustrative – Present

Illustrative – Solutions

Taken from –

Geometry is Gorgeous!
MATH SMART TLQP Workshop with Dr. Thomas Sweeney
Saturday, November 22nd, 2015

Here are some files for review from that workshop. ENJOY!

1-GeomBasicDefs | 2-Polygons | 3-Angles in Polys-PatBlks | 4-SumAnglesPolygon | PAARC-Discussion | Pentagon 2play with | ccss_progression_g_k6_2012_06_27 | ccss_progression_gm_k5_2012_07_21 | circle_folding | HW-AreaFoldCircle | Classifying_Quadrilaterals_1


How important are high school courses to college performance? Less than you might think:

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