Dear TLQP Friends,

You are invited to the 2017 TLQP Summer Institute, “Unleashing Students’ Potential
​ ​for Mathematics​​,” ​on June 26 and June 27, Monday and Tuesday, at Binghamton University. Workshop leaders will be our long-time and excellent colleagues, Dr. Rachel Bachman and Dr. Thomas Sweeney.

We invite you to come to Binghamton, stay in BU’s very nice residence halls, enjoy meals together, and talk mathematics for two days. We provide free breakfast, lunch, parking, and overnight lodging.

What Will We Be Doing?
This year we have spent considerable time reviewing and discussing the ideas and methods in Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets and Cathy Humphreys’ and Ruth Parker’s Number Talks Matter.

A theme common to both books is that we can help students learn more and understand student mathematics better when we help them approach the subject with a positive growth mindset, creativity, and computational flexibility—and when we help them connect interrelated concepts and techniques.

On the other hand, the situation we often see in the classroom is distressing. Unmotivated students, poor classroom performance, students who do not believe they can achieve, conditioned responses, negative messages, fixed mindsets—these factors often combine to create apathetic, bored students.

The Summer Institute will provide teachers with strategies and techniques to counteract this damaging student propensity. Several workshops will help you build a positive growth mindset by overriding automatic responses so common in our students. Other sessions will focus on heterogeneous group work in problem solving and on using open and rich classroom tasks.

We will continue working from Jo Boaler’s book. Dr. Rachel Bachman will develop the theme of Unleashing Students’ Potential through Warm Up Exercises and share techniques for initiating growth in mindset thinking in the classroom. Dr. Tom Sweeney will lead us in thinking about Unleashing Student Potential with activities related to Boaler’s book.

How Do I Sign Up?
We hope you can join us! Please do register soon at​ this link. We don’t want you to be caught without a room, and we don’t want to run out of parking passes!

Binghamton University TLQP Summer Institute
Unleashing Students’ Potential​ for Mathematics​
June 26 and June 27 (Monday and Tuesday)
10 AM to 3 PM with coffee at 9:30 AM
University Union 111

Park in the Visitors’ Parking lot south of Bartle Library; you will receive a pass to exit without paying. Those of you who stay in the residence halls will also need a special parking pass to park near the dormitory.

Again, you can register at this link​.

Questions? Contact us!

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