June TLQP Workshop

Dear Colleagues:
You are invited to Binghamton University for the 13th Annual TLQP Summer Institute, June 27 (Monday) and June 28 (Tuesday). We will meet both days from 10 to 3, with morning refreshments at 9:30. Brunch, lunch, free parking, good ideas to take away, and great conversations! Plus, you can stay in one of the new residence halls overnight. 

What We’ll Focus On
The theme of the institute is Equal Reaction: Connecting Representations to Build Understanding of Mathematical Equivalence. 

What We’ll Do
We will begin by investigating current problems surrounding the understanding of the equal sign and mathematical equivalence. Dr. Rachel Bachman will lead us to explore various hands-on activities to correct and avoid these misconceptions. These activities will draw on familiar manipulatives including base ten blocks, fraction strips, tangrams, and algebra tiles. Activities will also include ideas from Singapore mathematics curriculum and draw upon physical motion activities used in the Math Dance class at Weber State University. As a terrific bonus, Dr. Shannon Hilliker will bring expertise to the discussions in facilitating success for ENL students with the activities shared throughout the two-day institute.

What Our Daily Schedule Will Be

Monday, June 27—We will investigate current problems surrounding how we understand equivalence. We’ll talk about base ten equivalence, do paper folding, make fraction kits, do a candy bar problem and some mental math—and then get loopy!

Tuesday, June 28—Dr. Hilliker will start the day with a discussion about using concrete-pictorial-abstract activities with ENL students. We’ll work with tangrams and algebra tiles, and we’ll build and share lessons, finishing by looking forward to algebra.

Throughout both days, we’ll have time to have Q & A sessions as well as informal conversations with both Dr. Bachman and Dr. Hilliker.

Where We’ll Meet

Please note that this year we are meeting in the University Union West (new Union), rooms 324 and 325. We will have more space there—and the Union is closer to the parking lot and the dormitories! An updated campus map is attached: look for University Union West and Visitors’ Parking Lot (above the Bartle Library).

How To Register
REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. We will ask you whether you’ll be at the Institute, when you’ll arrive, whether you plan to stay in the residence hall, whether you have any special dietary needs.

What to Remember
Here’s a recap of everything:
  • TLQP Summer Institute 2016
  • June 27 and June 28—Monday and Tuesday
  • 10 to 3
  • Brunch, Lunch, Goodies
  • Binghamton University Union 324 and 325 West
Questions? Write or call us. We hope to see you there!

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