TLQP Summer Institute Workshop: “Access in the Mathematics Classroom” 6/25-26 (download materials)

Binghamton University

THIS WORKSHOP IS OVER, but you can download workshop materials here:
Summer Institute Handouts (zip)
“Factors” Word Doc
“Visual Activity” Powerpoint presentation
Summer Institute 18A Powerpoint presentation
Summer Institute 18B Powerpoint presentation

Dear TLQP Friends,

You are invited to the 2018 TLQP Summer Institute, Connecting, Visualizing, and Creating Access in the Mathematics Classroom, on June 25 and June 26, Monday and Tuesday, at Binghamton University.

Workshop leaders will be our long-time and excellent colleagues, Dr. Rachel Bachman and Dr. Thomas Sweeney, accompanied this year by Aaron Phelps from the University Center for Training and Development.

We invite you to come to Binghamton, stay in BU’s nice residence halls, enjoy meals together, and talk mathematics for two days. We provide free breakfast, lunch, parking, and overnight lodging.

What Will We Be Doing?
Dr. Bachman will present two workshops: one on Connecting Mathematical Representations, the second on Equity and Access through Principles to Action. Dr. Sweeney will also present two workshops: the first on Visualizing Numbers and the second on ​Prime Climb. Mr. Phelps will provide technology tips and training.

How Do I Sign Up?
​Do join us!
Register soon at this link by close of business on JUNE 14.​

We don’t want you to be caught without a room or to miss out on a treat​— and we don’t want to run out of parking passes, so RSVP ASAP.

​What? Where? When?
Binghamton University TLQP Summer Institute
Connecting, Visualizing, and Creating Access in the Mathematics Classroom
June 25 and June 26 (Monday and Tuesday)
10 AM to 3 PM with coffee at 9:30 AM

Place: University Union 111, the exact same room where we were last year. This is very near the Visitors’ Parking lot where you should park on Monday morning and almost directly across the street from Mohawk Residence Hall, where you will be lodging.

So we will see you Monday morning in BU’s University Union 111. Don’t forget to register ASAP if you have not done so yet.

Park in the Visitors’ Parking lot south of Bartle Library; you will receive a pass to exit without paying. Those of you who stay in the residence halls will also need a special parking pass to park near the dormitory. See CAMPUS MAP.

You will have a chance to tell us if you are bringing your vehicle in the registration form.​

​Questions? Contact us!
Dr. Paul-William Burch,
Dr. C. Beth Burch,