TLQP workshop on March 18th MATERIALS for your review…

Dear TLQP Friends:

Binghamton is thawing, and we’re looking forward to warmer weather and a spring full of TLQP workshops—beginning March 18! 

Please join us on Saturday, March 18, for  our last workshop focusing on Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets.

Dr. Sweeney will  lead us as we . . . . 

  • reflect on issues of equity and teaching math
  • consider the homework question
  • investigate the painted cube problem from Boaler’s book
  • and finally, consider assessments.

Assessments give us a marvelous opportunity to provide students with information about their learning.

Considerable research evidence showthat a change from grading to providing diagnostic comments impacts student achievement positively.

As always, we’ll have brunch, lunch, free parking, and good conversation. This invitation is open to all our TLQP friends in both cohorts: please do come.

Jo Boaler Finale—and More

Saturday,18 March

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (coffee available at 9:30)

Binghamton University, Academic B 124

THIS EVENT IS NOW OVER – but you can download the workshop materials here:

Practice Assessing student work – g3

Practice Assessing student work – g6


1-8 Math Puzzles

Workshop 4 Binghamton Powerpoint in pdf format (for easy download)