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    Principles, Action and Techniques to Success 2016-2017 Sage Cohort Math Rules! TLQP

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    FULL CALENDAR PDF: BU TLQP Calendar 2017-2018 with holidays and events Principles, Action and Techniques to Success 2016-2017 Sage Cohort Math Rules! TLQP Dates Workshops, Places, Times, Hours Fall, 2017 SEPT 30 (Saturday) Dr. Thomas Sweeney The Sage Colleges Troy Campus Science Hall 101 10 AM to 3 PM (5 hours) SEPT Dates TBA by Districts […]

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    Dear TLQP Friends: ​Please join us for our ​October 21  • TLQP Workshop at Binghamton University ​ as we launch our year! Dr. Sweeney has a rich and full year planned for us. First, he will lead us in continuing the work we did last year with Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets, beginning with a review of  the online course […]

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    TLQP Cohort Calendar for 2017-2018 updated

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    Dear TLQP Colleagues: We are sending by attachment this year’s calendar of Teacher Leader Quality Partnership events. This is the Binghamton cohort’s calendar, and Dr. Sweeney will send the Sage cohort’s calendar. Note that the BU initial workshop is October 21(well past Homecoming, in case you were worried about parking!). Please mark your calendars! Also, look for an […]

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    TLQP Summer Institute is over, presentation links are here.

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    Part one of Powerpoint presentation for Summer Institute is here. Part two is here. Word files from the Summer Institute are: 1030PREP-warmup-0_1_0.5, 1030PREP-warmup-build_it_chart, 1030PREP-warmup-estimation, 1030PREP-warmup-fraction_cards, 1030PREP-warmup-fraction_wall. Dear TLQP Colleagues:   This is a gentle reminder not to delay registering for the 2017 TLQP Summer Institute. The Office of Residential Life MUST know if you are planning to stay overnight […]

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    Dear TLQP Friends, You are invited to the 2017 TLQP Summer Institute, “Unleashing Students’ Potential ​ ​for Mathematics​​,” ​on June 26 and June 27, Monday and Tuesday, at Binghamton University. Workshop leaders will be our long-time and excellent colleagues, Dr. Rachel Bachman and Dr. Thomas Sweeney. We invite you to come to Binghamton, stay in […]

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    Dear TLQP Friends: Please join us for our  May 13 TLQP  Workshop at Binghamton University as we continue our discussion of number talks. As you  all know, mathematically powerful classrooms support students in sense-making— that is,  exploring, conjecturing and building on other ideas both individually and collectively. “Number Talks” are a means of making such exciting and productive mathematical […]

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    TLQP workshop April 1

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    Dear TLQP Friends:   ​Please join us for our April 1 TLQP workshop at Binghamton University and begin the month with a great professional development adventure.   On April 1, we expand one of the concepts Jo Boaler claims leads to high student achievement—number sense. Our development will follow Cathy Humphrey’s and Ruth Parker’s approach as set […]

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    TLQP workshop on March 18th MATERIALS for your review…

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    Dear TLQP Friends: Binghamton is thawing, and we’re looking forward to warmer weather and a spring full of TLQP workshops—beginning March 18!  Please join us on Saturday, March 18, for  our last workshop focusing on Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets. Dr. Sweeney will  lead us as we . . . .  reflect on issues of equity and teaching […]

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    Three-Act Tasks TLQP Workshop December 17

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    Dear TLQP Friends: Please join us on Saturday, December 17, for “Baiting the Hook and Reeling Them In: Facilitating Math Discussions” with Professor Rachel Bachman, Weber State University.  Come discover a new trend in mathematics classrooms across the country called Three-Act Tasks. Learn how these engaging tasks can be used to set the stage for meaningful […]

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